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Distance Learning Resources: Virtual Field Trips & Activities @ Home

Resources for students learning and educators teaching in a distance learning environment.

Virtual Field Trips & Tours

Bound to Stay Bound's list of Virtual Tours: Virtual tours of museums, national parks, zoos, history and science collections, and much more

Chester County Library's List of local and national museums, zoos, and sites. 

20 Amazing Places you Can Visit Without Leaving Home from Travelzoo

The Best National Park Visits from Travelzoo

AirPano -  a virtual journey around the world

Keeping Busy @ Home

Amazing list of Keeping Busy printables (Elvin Elementary LMS) - Brain breaks, scavenger hunts, indoor and outdoor activities 

50 Things to Do Indoors

Best Educational Shows on Hulu, Netflix, Prime, and Disney+

Learn & Watch - questions to think about as you watch

Virtual Spring Break

Makerspace Activities

Makerspace ideas (Elvin Elementary LMS)


Breakout EDU: Fun at Home - collection of digital games by grade level that students can play at home. Students can click on any game and start playing!

Mystery Science at Home (No log-in required) (No log-in required)

‚ÄčScratch (No log-in required)

DOGOnews (No log-in required)

The Arts

PBS Music (No log-in required)

PBS The Arts (No log-in required)

Author & Book Events

Publishers @ Home from BTSB: Publishers that are offering books, activities, videos,
and read aloud to students.

Authors @ Home from BTSB: Authors that are offering books, activities, videos,
and read aloud to students.

Author Visit and Read Aloud Calendar